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Replace your brittle sodium filled valves with durable stainless. Almost any valve custom made for around $40.00 each

Whether you want to make some performance modifications, freshen up your guides and seats, or just routine maintenance, we will treat your cylinder heads as if they came off of our own pride and joy. The majority of our experience with Ferraris to date is with the 308, 328, 348, 355 and 360. This is simply because these models are older and / or more common, and are typically in need of attention. As long as they're apart, why not make them better?


Here's a 308 head finished and ready to be shipped back to it's owner. Larger valves were installed and the heads were fully ported. Even the lash was set so the heads are ready to bolt on.

The 308 engine comes equipped with hollow stem, sodium filled exhaust valves. Not only is this a weak link, but should the sodium come in contact with water during a failure, the reaction is extremely violent. There are very few builders using sodium filled valves today for this reason. We replace all 308 intake and exhaust valves with stainless, and have found that there is even room to increase the head diameter by a millimeter or two. The larger valve along with some porting seems to show a worthy improvement in air flow.

Hopefully we will never need to do this extensive of a repair for you. This 82 Mondial was out late one night with its owner when a beautiful blonde flew by in a Viper. The owner thought he could catch her and, well, you can see the result there to the right. J.R. said I could use his story as an example of what not to do, but he asked me to be gentle, "she was really pretty".

Notice in the close up of the destroyed chamber, you can see the hollow stem of the exhaust valve where the head of it broke off.

Here's a 308 head being flow tested after receiving the larger valves and some extensive flow work. Every Ferrari head is meticulously tested before leaving the shop.


3.5 and 4.0 Litre conversions for your 308!!

For the last couple of years we've been involved in a massive research and development project with the 308 cylinder head. We've changed valve head diameters, valve stem and valve guide diameters, valve face and seat angles, seat depths, valve lengths, port volumes, chamber sizes, and cam profiles while working with Nick's Forza Ferrari on their conception and development of the "358" and "408" Ferrari engine. Nick's Forza Ferrari is in the final stages of development of the 4.0 litre 308 as well as a more affordable 3.5 litre version.



The torque of a 360 from your 308!!

To the left is the prototype 3.5 litre on the engine dynamometer. In the photo directly above it's tucked nicely into it's home. Below is the car on display as you may have seen it at this year's Concorso Italiano in California. In it's current state the engine is out pulling a 355. With tuning we expect to exceed that of the 360.

For more information on 3.5L and 4.0L conversions,
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355 / 360 HEAD REPAIR

The 355 is a 3.5 litre engine with a 5 valve per cylinder, dual over head cam cylinder head. It really is a very impressive design with one exception; in the early models, Ferrari used the same soft copper alloy valve guides that they used in the earlier 2 and 4 valve 308 and 328 heads, and they have a very short life expectancy. We replace these with a much higher quality manganese-bronze guide that will take whatever you can give it (see photo below). We also replace the stock valves with custom high performance stainless valves.

Valve Guides
In the photo on the left, the copper colored valve guide on the far left is the original guide used in the early 355s and is made of a copper alloy material. This is a soft material that causes the guide to wear quickly and fail prematurely. The guide in the center is made of iron and came standard in the head that Ferrari used in the later 355s and 360s and also when they had to replace heads with failed copper alloy guides. The iron guides seem to hold up well and rarely need replacing. Notice, however, how it is straight with no flange. This could allow the guide to "walk" down into the heads and cause severe damage, especially if an engine were to overheat. On the far right is the manganese- bronze guide we use to replace the original flanged guide.

In the photo on the right are the guides we custom build to replace the non-flanged iron guides when necessary. Notice the small round "bump" we leave to insure the guide can not walk down into the head.

Here's a 355 head with the new valve guides. The seats are finished with a 3-angle valve-job where there was only a single angle seat in stock form. We also hand-polish the chambers to a high luster as a final touch. It's this attention to detail that sets us apart from the competition.

On the right, this head is finished and getting ready for final assembly. To the left you can see our custom stainless valves available at a very reasonable price.


Just for fun
It's not everyday one gets a look at a 355 / 360 Ferrari camshaft, so here's a good shot of it. This cam design is an engineering marval. Look closely at the lobes; the center lobe looks normal, but the outer two lobes are conically ground to match the compound angle of the valves.

Performance cylinder head rebuilding for import & domestic heads. High performance head porting, polishing, rebuildingPerformance cylinder head rebuilding for import & domestic heads. High performance head porting, polishing, rebuilding
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